In this bowl turning demonstration, I will demonstrate the turning of a natural edge end grain bowl using a hook tool and teardrop scraper for hollowing.

Skill Requirements: All Levels


I enjoy the process of turning and I use a mix of planning and serendipity as the creative process evolves. Since woodturning is a subtractive art form there needs to be some planning involved along with knowledge of the natural medium and its tendencies. It is the unknown and spontaneous nature of working wood that intrigues me but also the process of how to get to the final piece. I enjoy showing others this craft and enabling their wonder in what is hidden within the wood.

I started woodturning in 2002 and got involved with the Dallas Area Woodturners club (an American Association of Woodturners affiliate) in 2007, which connected me with the woodturning community. Through the club and its many members, I learned and grew a lot as a turner. In 2016, I became the treasurer of our club and continue as Vice President today.

After a long tenure in the telecommunication industry, which ended in 2016, I decided that I needed a new direction in my work life. With the loving support of my wife, in April of 2017, I started Woodturning Tool Store, an e-commerce business selling woodturning tools.