October 17-19, 2019 Hands On Retreat - Click Here for Event Time Table

Our Hands -On-Retreat will be at Northlake College West Campus. 1401 West Royal Lane, Irving Texas. Oct 17 is set up with Meet and Greet for all vendors, instructors, volunteers, and applicants. Oct 18 (Friday) and Oct 19 (Saturday) Hands On Retreat. Currently we will have Stations One thru Eight active thru out the day each day. Each station has four lathes for the applicants (4), too turn item presented for that session, each session is a full two hours, 4 sessions each day, both days (eight in all). All of interested in this event will have the opportunity too get on the email list for this event. Sign-up application will be by Email, in June or July. In Addition to the On Lathe Classes we have Off Lathe Classes to offer. Pen Segmenting Introduction and instruction for the Rose Engine Carving and Pyography Finishes Piercing Airbrush 101 Photography Dissecting the mesquite Burl Power Carving...More may be added later.