Who and what is Trinity River Woodturners Council?


Trinity River Woodturners Council (TRWC) is a new organization that started in the fall of 2018. It started as an idea from two local woodturners, Tod Raines from the Dallas Area Woodturners (DAW) and Ron Howe from Woodturners of North Texas (WNTX). Both Ron and Tod had attended Ron Campbell’s Hands-On-Retreat in Michigan in July of 2018. They experienced the retreat from different points of view – Tod as an instructor and Ron as a participant. Both met a lot of new friends, learned a lot and had a wonderful time. From this experience and their desire to share this experience with their local clubs, Tod and Ron kicked off the formation of TRWC and the idea of the local woodturning retreat.

Today the TRWC is an approved chapter of the AAW. Our by-laws require board members from each of the five area clubs - Dallas Area Woodturners (DAW), East Texas Woodturners (ETW), Golden Triangle Woodturners (GTW), Hunt County Woodturners (HCW), and Woodturners of North Texas (WNTX). The mission of TRWC is “to provide education, information and hands on training to those who are interested in woodturning”. To accomplish this mission the TRWC brings together the five area clubs to share knowledge, experiences, demonstrators, training opportunities and other woodturning related events. However, the main vision that originated with Ron Howe and Tod Raines was to successfully create and operate a hands-on woodturning retreat.

As the name implies the “TRWC Hands-On Woodturning Retreat” is meant to be a relaxing, enjoyable time for woodturners to come together and learn and share ideas through direct practical experience.

The event will involve the following: Click Here for Event Time Table

  • up to 40 lathes from mini to full size
  • four students/lathes per class
  • 10 classes of four students each turning at one time
  • four 2 hours sessions a day
  • two full days of turning (a total of eight sessions)
  • up to 40 individual classes per day
  • about 25 local instructors, known for their unique project and teaching
  • over 26 unique on lathe classes with a large variety of project-based instruction
  • tools and supply vendors
  • lunch both days is included
  • many off lathe activities (some tied to a turned project) including
    • pyrography (wood burning)
    • power carving and piercing
    • airbrushing
    • finishing
    • pen segmenting
    • bandsaw segmenting and re-assembly
    • photography
    • rose engine lathe demonstration

The TRWC Hands-On Woodturning Retreat will be held on Oct. 18th & 19th, 2019. The location is at the North Lake College West Campus, 1401 Royal Lane West, DFW Airport, TX 75261. The registration for attending this event will open in late July. The setup for the event will take place on Thursday Oct 17th from 12 noon to 5pm. The tear down and cleanup will happen on Sunday Oct 20th.

To make this event happen successfully, we will need volunteers, helpers and some equipment.

  • Lathes - if you have a mini, midi or other portable lathe please consider lending it for the weekend
  • Tooling – to create a tool loan program we will need extra turning tools, chuck, drive centers, Jacobs chuck, grinders and grinding jigs
  • Equipment – if you have wood burners (pyrography), power carvers, airbrushes that you could loan for the weekend it would be very helpful
  • Volunteers – of course none of this happens without volunteers. We will need help with the following.
    • Help to setup lathes stations, off-lathe class areas, vendor booths, etc
    • Help to setup and serve lunch (we have a lunch plan and committee leader in place)
    • Help to create and put up some signage
    • Help manning the registration table, tool loan program and event coordination


    Please contact President or Event Manager for any questions or if you wish to help in this endeavor.
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